Bands & Projekte

  • Free Barbie – Kill Ken

    mit Lars Greuel (Bass, Vox) und Andre Hasselmann ( Drums, Vox)
  • [‚pro:c-dur] – Kabarettkonzert
    Tobias und Tim

    Pro:C-Dur (Musik-Kabarett)

  • Rooftop -Top 40 Coverband
    Rooftop (Top-40)

    Rooftop (Top-40)

    mit Jens Didelot (Vocals), Tim Lange (Gitarre) Thomas Gwosdz (Keyboard), Philipp Anton (Bass), Daniel Krumbholz (Drums)

  • EES & the Yes-Ja Band – Kwaito


    mit Eric Sell (vox), Andre Hasselmann (drums), Max Dommers (bass), Alex Bauer (turntables), Eike Drück (sax), Oskar Kliewe (trumpet),Til Schumacher (Keys)

  • Lily was here – Acoustic Pop, Rock & moreCW1_9008x2
    mit Bianca Körner (vocals)
  • weitere Mitspieler:
    Philip Bardenberg, Tobias Kremer, Thorsten Haas , Rene Pütz, Jens Böckamp, Manfred Heinen, Markus Türk, Markus Vögeler, Jana Heinlein, Roberto Herrador, Manfred Schermuly, Sascha Stratmann, Wolfgang Diekmann, Joachim Gohlke, Jörg Dudys u.v.m.

2 Responses to Projekte

  1. Tomasz sagt:

    Thank you, Hans, for pointing to an inamrtpot figure in early jazz. The importance of Clarence Williams is evident, if you have some knowledge about the story of jazz before Coltrane. And yes, Clarence was a genius – composer, organizer of jazz recordings featuring some of the best of the time, sheet music publisher, piano player and vocalist – and band leader. A self-made man with success, yes, but to top this, you have to be blessed with – genius!Jo

  2. Lizely sagt:

    Loved it..Bernie Shieds is my moms uncle and Dr. Edmund delivered her…I ran acosrs one of their albums the other day. I can’t wait to show her this story…Lisa

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